If you had stage IV cancer, who would you go to for help? An alternative medicine provider promising to cure you with a daily dose of grapeseed extract? I’m not saying it might not work, and by all means, do it if you’re into high risk scenarios. But I’m guessing you’d probably want to be in the hands of the finest oncologist you could find.

Finding the person to craft your message, your front and center cover story, your lead-generating blog shouldn’t be a crapshoot. You wouldn’t mess with your health that way. You shouldn’t mess with your message.

You want the writer who delivers what you asked for on time without the need for handholding and round after round of revision. You want a writer who sweeps your plate clean, reduces your anxiety, and cures your communication woes. This is no grapeseed extract variety writer who ultimately forces you into round after round of chemo at the 11th hour.

This is writing done right. On time. The first time. Get started.


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Deborah R. Huso